Aquasoft Cream


Aquasoft Cream



Information about Aquasoft Cream

Aquasoft Cream contains glycerin for Dry Skin. Glycerin reinforce the hydration of the upper layer of the epidermis . Glycerin produces an occlusive film & retains the moisture within the body.

Benefits Aquasoft Cream:
Powerful emollient and has protective properties
Regulates skin lipids and fights against dryness and irritations.
Moisturizes by concentrating water in the upper layer of the epidermis
The skin feels comfortable and regains it suppleness.
Aquasoft Cream is recommended for Dry eczema, ichthyosis, fissures, housewives eczema, xerosis & rough skin.

Direction for use:
Apply Aquasoft Cream to the areas to be treated once or twice a day.

Use under medical supervision


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