Fitjee Cap




Information about Fitjee Capsule

Fitjee Capsule contains Multivitamins, Mutliminerals and Ginseng.

Role of key ingredients:
Multivitamins are a combination of vitamins that are essential for the growth, development, and metabolic activities of different parts of the body. Multiminerals help in body functions and are important for body processes to run smoothly.
Minerals may prevent chronic health conditions. Minerals provide energy to the body and strengthen the immune system.
Ginseng is an immune system modulator that works as an anti-stress agent. It also improves athletic performance, controls premature ageing and improves mental and physical efficiency.

Fitjee Capsule fights fatigue and maintains energy in the body. It also increases stress handling abilities, and helps in wound healing. Fitjee Capsule improves health, alertness, concentration, stamina and immunity.


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