Yamoo Lactase Chewable Tablet


Yamoo Lactase Chewable Tablet



Information about Yamoo Lactase Chewable Tablet
Yamoo Lactase chewable tablet contains lactase (4500 FCC Units) as its ingredient. These tablets are a dietary supplement that naturally makes dairy foods more digestible. Lactase chewable tablet contains a natural enzyme lactase obtained from fungi, Aspergillus oryzae that helps break down lactose, the complex sugar found in dairy foods.

Direction for use:
1-2 tablets immediately before or with first bite/sip of dairy (lactose) containing meal/drink. Chew thoroughly before swallowing. If you continue to consume foods/drinks containing dairy after 20 to 45 minutes, take another tablet. If missed, take it immediately.

Use under medical supervision.


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